About Us


THE bugatti group bringS 

75 years of high quality,     well designed & meticulously crafted luggages...  

The expert in handbags, luggage and small leather goods, The bugatti Group’s global vision brings over 75 years of high quality, well designs and meticulously crafted luggage, travel bags, computer bags, handbags, and briefcases to serve the needs of every customer around the world. Based in Quebec, Canada, The bugatti Group also boast a sales team with offices around the world. The company manufactures and distributes its products under multiple brand names. www.bugattigrp.com


Our pursuit of perfection in the design and crafting of our products is one of our guiding principles that our customers have come to expect and appreciate from us. The Bugatti Group’s commitment to innovation and excellence is what drives its vision; to be the leader in the handbags, luggage and business accessories industry. Although we usually let our products speak for themselves, we know that our biggest strength lies with our people, from product development to sales and marketing, every team member identifies with our founder's core values of passion, respect and integrity, which contributes to the success and growth of the company. 


The safety and well being of workers across our supply chain is important to The bugatti Group.   
Our Standards for Suppliers state clearly our 
fundamental expectations for our bugatti factories. 
The bugatti Group ensures 
all procedures and production 
phases: design, selection of materials, 
manufacturing, printing and packing 
processes are in line 
with ethical standards.  
Audit and monitoring 
methodology are in place to 
ensure ethical criteria.


The bugatti Group recently has 
moved into a new 
eco-friendly headquarter.

 Companies that anticipate 
and manage current and future 
economic, environmental 
and social opportunities and risks by focusing on quality, innovation and 
productivity will emerge as leaders and are more likely to create a competitive advantage and long-term, this is the values we build on.